Fanport: The Leading Malayalam Sports Portal

Fanport, the first exclusive sports portal in Malayalam, revolutionizes sports updates for enthusiasts. Since its inauguration on September 30, 2016, Fanport has become the go-to platform, providing regular and real-time coverage.

With over 100 sports news writers, Fanport has covered 60k+ stories, catering to the diverse interests of sports lovers. Our commitment to quality content has garnered 723k+ followers on Dailyhunt, India’s top digital news platform.

Fanport extends its influence beyond the portal through a strong social media presence and a user-friendly app on Playstore and Appstore. In September 2018, Fanport introduced an English edition to reach a wider audience.

Fanport’s notable contribution lies in establishing a ranking system for Sevens football, consolidating 1000+ matches. Attaining the top position in the Sevens ranking is considered a major achievement among member teams.

Proud associations include Hyve Sports,,, FindAdv, Directx, GrandHyper, and Fanport’s reach extends to Dailyhunt, Newspoint, WeMedia, Newsdog, and Jio News.

Future plans involve launching a YouTube Channel for exceptional sports visual media, live telecasting events organized by Kerala Football Association and Sevens Football Association, a podcast channel hosting discussions with prominent figures, expanding Fanport to regional languages like Kannada, Tamil, and Telugu, and establishing a professional sports academy.

With unwavering commitment, Fanport redefines the sports news landscape in Malayalam, providing the ultimate sports experience for fans nationwide.